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“They do an amazing job! Love, love, love this place.”


“Gina and Gabrielle are amazing and so talented! Can’t thank them enough! They genuinely enjoy helping women feel and look better about themselves! They are accommodating, professional, welcoming and caring! Fantastic!”


“I’ve been getting the Lash lift for almost 2 years now and I will never be without it! The Keratin has helped my lashes grow to the longest that they have ever been and the lift is amazing! Without it my lashes fall straight within an hour of using a curler and I look so tired. Now with them lifted, I look awake and alive for a few months! Gina and Gabrielle are some of the most caring, amazing women I have met and wouldn’t recommend anyone else! Thanks guys!”


“I highly recommend Brow Haus! From the time I was researching having Microblading done Brow Haus popped up on google. I was impressed with the Website as I was looking what I thought was a robo text asking if I would be interested in a consult which I did set up was Gina herself. When I got to the shop I was warmly welcomed by Gina she made me feel very comfortable and at ease and very professional. I set up my appt which was today again warmly welcomed! The procedure went as smooth as she said it would I felt like I have known her for a long time! So if you are thinking of doing Microblading this is the place to go! The icing on the cake was I had the pleasure of meeting Gina’s daughter Gabrelle who specializes in eyelashes she spent time discussing my options which lead to me setting up appointments with her! From the bottom of my heart Gina thank you for my beautiful eyebrows and making my dream a reality!❤”


“You absolutely MUST go to the Brow Haus in Red Bank! There is no other place where you will find stellar service and phenomenal professionalism! Gina, the owner and microblading specialist is second to none! Not only did she provide a free consult-she took time and paid special attention to my personal needs. I was instantly hooked… I knew she had my best interests at heart. The thorough explanation of prepping, supportive consult and personable care was unmatched. Gina was relentless in her pursuit to ensure that I was comfortable and 100% satisfied with my outcome. She spent HOURS and referenced her makeup artist (her beautiful, talented daughter) , to make certain my needs were met! I am thrilled with the results. Although I know there is more to come with the mandatory follow up visit to perfect the process… there is NO DOUBT that it will prove to be the best move I’ve made for my beauty regimen. Can’t wait to try out more services there! Stop reading this and make an appt now! What are you waiting for?!?”


“Professional, nice, knowledgeable. First time ever getting my eyebrows microbladed and I am so happy! Gina did an awesome job!”


“I work in a customer service industry so I truly appreciate when a professional, like Gina, possesses the ability to not only be great at her craft, but balance that with a sincere desire to have every client leave her office with a big smile on their face. I couldn’t believe out of the 2 hours allotted for my appointment time, the majority of it was dedicated to talking to me about what I wanted and redrawing her designed brows repeatedly until I was 1000% happy with the look. Due to medical issues, I was left with nearly no brows and Gina literally designed and tattooed ones that we agreed together would be a good fit for my face. She is not only remarkable at the artistic side of her job, but her friendly, calming demeanor really put me at ease to have the procedure done, and by the end of the appointment I felt like I had known her for years. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend her to anyone thinking about having microblading done. I am so beyond thrilled with her and her work! #lifechanging”


“I was both skeptical and afraid of microblading but Gina put those fears to rest. She is patient and extremely knowledgeable. Anyone who is considering doing their brows, please don’t go anywhere else, because you’ll regret not going to Eyebrow Specialist. Gina is a true professional and extraordinarily talented.”


“Gina is professional, knowledgeable and a true artist. I had micro blading done and my brows look phenomenal. Gina you are the BEST!!!!! Thank You!”


“Gina is wonderful!!! I had my lashes lifted and it lasted me over six weeks. I certainly recommend Gina and her professionalism!”


“For anyone who has ever been on the fence (like myself) about getting their brows microbladed, LOOK NO FURTHER!! Gina is professional, precise, and most importantly, a perfectionist. You are truly in talented hands and can 100% expect perfect brows! She is THE BEST at what she does! Love her!!!”


“Gina is a very warm and beautiful woman. When you meet her, you want to look like her! I had my eyebrows tattooed. The shape and color are perfect! Her facility is neat and clean. Our consult time focused on my needs. Gina offers her professional advice and thoroughly explains the process. Throughout the procedure, Gina reassured me all was going very well. Gina gets into the zone as she works. She is detailed with each stroke while my comfort is paramount at all times. Get yourself ready for an awesome experience with Gina!”


“It was such a pleasant experience! Gina was warm, friendly, and knowledgeable. Her exam room was clean, bright, and inviting. She talked through the process and alleviated any of my fears. She kept aseptic technique and we chatted during the procedure to keep my stress down. We agreed on the shape and color together so there were no surprises. The outcome was as I expected it and I am looking forward to my first touch up to complete the process. Gina was very professional and I would highly recommend Gina.”


“I live in manhattan and a close friend recommended gina — so I made the trip and got microblading done several months before my wedding. My friends thought I was crazy (I was a little worried I was too) but it was the best decision I made, like ever! Gina was amazing, she talked me through the procedure and managed my expectations of recovery, look, feel to a T. I’ve looked at a lot of photos of this on Instagram and knew it looked amazing but I was very concerned about it looking natural. I’m not a perfectly lined eyebrow girl if you know what I mean. I wanted them to cohere to my natural look but look full and big like my shape. Gina got everything I was saying and my first appointment kept it just that—explaining that I might not like it the next day bc my brows will get darker before they fade back but that’s normal. Basically she was completely wrong because I LOVED it on the very day she said I would like it the least, she hooked me, period. However, I really appreciated this — Gina made me look natural like I wanted and filled it in just perfectly so I could get a feel for them. It’s almost felt like she eased me into it … So when I went back to my follow up touch-up I was ready for more. My brows looked absolutely perfect, I get compliments on them everyday and I genuinely never realized how much better they would make me look. Thank you Gina for framing my face but also being like my cosmetic therapist, it’s just as important to love the service, be educated on the procedure as the end result — she took care of me every step of the way!”


“I was both skeptical and afraid of microblading but Gina put those fears to rest. She is patient and extremely knowledgeable. Anyone who is considering doing their brows, please don’t go anywhere else, because you’ll regret not going to Eyebrow Specialist. Gina is a true professional and extraordinarily talented.”